SQL 2008 R2 and Idera Idera SQL Safe (Freeware Edition)

Good news: the Freeware edition of Idera SQL Safe works on R2. You might not care but I certainly do. Here’s why:
In September last year I started using Idera SQL Safe (the Freeware Edition) to get backup compression on my SQL 2005 servers. It seemed like a good idea at the time – it was free and my backups ran much faster and took up much less disk space. I really thought I’d actually scored a free lunch. Until they discontinued the product. I was thinking about what to do when I heard that R2 Standard would include native backup compression so I’ve just been keeping my fingers crossed since then. So I installed R2 Developer on my laptop, installed SQL Safe and kicked off a restore with it. No problem. Phew! Now I won’t have to do a special, non-compressed backup and restore when we migrate.

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