URLs to reports with non-default parameters

You can give somebody a hyperlink to get to a Reporting Services report and that’s all they need if there are no parameters or if the default values are what they want. But how do you specify values for parameters? It turns out to be pretty simple but the documentation is a little vague on some of the details.
We have a Sales League report where you can look at a Sales team’s figures and see how the team members are doing. In Report Manager the user has to choose their team and run the report. I was asked to supply links on the intranet home page for each team to go straight to their figures. It turns out all I had to do was grab the URL (NB: the ReportServer URL, not the Report Manager URL) and add the parameters as name value pairs but there are a few things that the documentation doesn’t make clear:
  • The name is the internal name, not the display name. From the example given it could have been either.
  • The value is the actual Value value, not the Label value (ie. again, it’s the internal value not the display value.)
  • You only need to supply name-value pairs for the parameter(s) you want to change. Our report has four parameters and I only needed to change the third one, so I just added the name-value for that one and the rest stuck with their default values.
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