In praise of the MVP Deep Dives book

I just had to blurt something out about this book as I don’t see it mentioned very often. I bought it some time ago when it first came out and it still delights me every time I open it. What a fantastic book. If you don’t have a copy, you really should get one. (Disclaimer: I don’t work for the publisher or for Microsoft, I had nothing to do with the book, and I don’t know any of the authors.)
These people went to a lot of trouble to write some great content and then donated their proceeds to charity. That alone is well worth supporting. But also every time I open this book I spot something else I didn’t know. And usually it’s something I can actually apply. The range of subjects covered is huge. I defy anyone who works with SQL Server in any role to not find plenty of interesting stuff.
I bet there’s another volume’s worth of chapters that didn’t get in. After all, the bar was pretty high. How about it, guys? I’d buy another one.

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