The unknown unknowns

I was spring cleaning some old scripts and I came across my first attempt at establishing a backup strategy. 12 hours later I’m still feeling a bit queasy. When I first put on the DBA hat, we were running with the simple recovery model and doing a full backup every night. I did some homework and thought I’d got it all figured out. My killer improvement? Use full recovery and every night do a log backup and then a full backup. That way we could recover to any point in time. Brilliant!*
Since then I’ve learned a lot. I know I’m much better than I was. But I can never quite shake that small nagging doubt: how much of what I’m doing now – believing it’s good practice – will I one day look back on and shudder? But this is a good thing. It keeps me on my toes, continually re-evaluating what I’m doing, and hungry to learn.
*Just to be clear, I’m being sarcastic. This NOT a good solution. If you have any doubts:
  1. Read Books Online about recovery models and backups.
  2. Read what Paul Randal has written about it in his blog and in TechNet Magazine.
  3. Check out Ola Hallengren’s database maintenance solution before you write your own.

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